John S. James Co.

We are the James Gang and we are family! This is the core value that provides the foundation support, growth and success in any business sector.  

The business climate of today is no longer transactional. It is the ability to foster relationships that result in driving business moving forward.

The movement of business rests on the continuum of a strong, robust and efficient supply chain. Only when disruption occurs do you see how vital each link in this chain truly is.

Managing compliance is one the most difficult aspects of any supply chain movement, and often the most overlooked. Disruption in the movement of goods costs money, and compliance is often the missing piece that adds value to any major international movement.

Your business demands a strong supply chain. Your employees and their families depend on the success of every link in this chain. Embracing compliance saves time and money; while ignoring it can cost you those same benefits. Compliance is a core value in our family of services -and no one takes care of you like family. We’d love to welcome you to ours.  

John S. James Co., A Success Story